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There are two major intakes for North Cyprus universities; one in September and one in February. Read More »
Quality Education
The educational system in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) can be broadly defined in four parts... Read More »
North Cyprus
As a strategic location in the Middle East, Cyprus has a very historic past and has been colonized and ruled by many great... Read More »

Cypriot Culture

The majority of the Turkish Cypriots are Muslim and although very few regularly attend mosque services or... Read More »

Living Expenses

North Cyprus Universities offer affordable tuition and fees as well as accomodation charges, whilst North Cyprus offers moderate living expenses... Read More »


Due to its small population, there are less crimes that take place in North Cyprus compared to more populated... Read More »


In North Cyprus, we have many brands such as Lacoste, US polo, Terranova, Mango, Sisley, Burberry, which you can shop from... Read More »

Health Care

If you need medical tratment due to a sickness or injry during your studies, there is no need to worry, as Northern Cyprus is well... Read More »

Jobs and Internships

Students could find part time jobs while studying such as in bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, or even in their universities... Read More

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